This Day Last Year: Michigan State Conference NAACP Legislative Day in Lansing

This Day Last Year: Michigan State Conference NAACP Legislative Day in Lansing


This Day Last Year!

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, the State of Michigan House of Representatives and Senators were greeted with NAACP units from all over the state. It was the NAACP’s Legislative Day at our Michigan State Capitol in Lansing.


The NAACP’s message revolved around Trayvon’s Law which is to end racial profiling, repeal stand your ground laws, create law enforcement accountability through effective police oversight, improve training and best practices for community watch groups, and mandate law enforcement data collection on homicide cases involving people of color. In addition, the national NAACP focus is to implement Trayvon’s Law across the country which shall serve as an advocacy tool for policies that are aimed to dismantle the school to prison pipeline- -which is critical to keeping youth safe and in school.


With our eyes toward the future of our young people in the communities where we live, we invited high school students to be a part of our Legislative Advocacy Day. The Flint Branch NAACP asked Ms. Mary Stewart, College & Career Readiness Advisor and the students at Flint Northwestern High School to participate in Advocacy Day while at the same time opportunities to gain political and social awareness. As the students toured the state capitol at the stars on the ceiling of the building and it peaked their interest in becoming more engaged in the political process with amazement and interests. They noticed in great detailed the governors’ portraits and other historic artifacts.


With great pleasure, the Flint NAACP introduced students to state representatives and state level dignitaries. Moreover, students were afforded the opportunity to obtain a bird’s eye view of an actual bill being debated in the senate chambers. They also enjoyed a lunch and learn session with the state legislatives.


Immediately following the events of the day, a rally on the stairs of the state capitol reaffirmed the NAACP’s message revolving around Trayvon’s Law. It was an inspiring day for NAACP members and Flint Northwestern students.