The Flint Branch of the NAACP Steps Up Voting Efforts

The Flint Branch of the NAACP Steps Up Voting Efforts

The Flint Branch NAACP members are out in big numbers to raise voter awareness in this mid-term election. While the NAACP, along with our co-sponsors gave a very successful forum last week on a very important election regarding the 34th District Michigan House of Representatives seat, we are still heavily concerned and advocating for heavy voter turn out in all of the races on August 5th!  Time is of the essence!

When we look at the last mid-term election, out of 335,069 registered voters in Genesee County only 135, 010 of the voters cast their vote! We allowed the people who were elected to further an agenda that negatively impacted the underserved. This mid-term on the ballot will be the Governor’s race, where Democratic challenger Mike Schauer is going up against Governor Rick Snyder; and the United States Senate race, where Democratic Congressman Gary Peters is taking on Republican Terry Lynn Land for the senate seat being vacated by Democratic Senator Carl Levin, who will be retiring. Who represents your interests? The power is in your hands to make that decision!

The NAACP will be teaming up with the Concerned Pastors for Social Action, and other non-partisan organizations to bring voter awareness to the electorate in Genesee County. This is an important mid-term election where we are facing high water bills, emergency manager take-overs in the State of Michigan, cutting of fire and police officers in our urban cities, threats of suing the President, possible Supreme Court Justice appointees, and immigration laws, just to name a few of the challenges. Now is the time to make your voices heard through the ballot box!

The NAACP is calling on all active bodies to take part in trying to help ensure a high voter turn out in all of these up-coming mid-term elections! Voting is a precious right that our forefathers and mothers sometimes had to die for. Don’t let their advocacy be in vain!


Please call the NAACP Office at (810) 742-8622 for voter empowerment information and volunteer services.

We are located at 3455 Lippincott Blvd. Flint, MI 48507

Frances L. Gilcreast, President


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