39th Annual Freedom Fund Artwork

By January 23, 2020 Freedom Fund No Comments
The artwork that graces the 39th Annual Freedom Fund Booklet and Invitation was created by Wishum Gregory.
After 40 plus years as King Twitty, the celebrity Photographer, Wishum Gregory¬†established his “Wishum Gregory Art” in 2008. The Wishum Gregory team uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative¬†presentation process to create timely and historical collages. It’s fascinating to see what starts off as a vision to become a creative editorial presentation filled with meaning and historical relevance.
Texture, Movement, Energy are the hallmarks that best describe the exciting new art collection of acclaimed graphic artist, Wishum Gregory. He’s a master at bridging the gap with the legends of yesterday and the superstars of today. Each reproduction perfectly, blends, celebrates, memorializes our memories, is thought provoking and capable of arousing strong emotions regardless of ethnic, gender and generational affiliation.
Distinctive, Majestic, Graceful, Spiritual and Sophisticated are a few of the superlatives that describe these exciting reproductions. They’re ideal for the home or office and make the perfect gift for the consummate historical enthusiast or sports memorabilia collector. ¬†Visit www.wishumgregoryart.com and check out his amazing works of art!

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